Get Dad the Perfect Tablet or Mobile Phone Swivel Stand

Dad's off to the office, has a big meeting in the conference room. People start to gather and get ready for the meeting around the conference table. Everyone's looking at your dad's new tablet holder as he quickly sticks it to the conference table and his iPad. Everyone is asking where he got such an easy device... FECA of course!

You still have time to grab your dad one of the easiest and coolest suction cup stand for his iPad, tablet, notebook, or mobile phone. They're perfect for meetings, or while in the garage watching a "how to video", or even in the home office. Plus, they're compact where he can fit the suction cup holder in his briefcase and be ready to present or learn like a pro!



The suction cup tablet/smart phone holders have a 360 degree rotation capability with both vertical and horizontal knobs that you can adjust in any way to provide the best, most comfortable viewing angle. Stick the tablet stand on any non-porous surface. Works great on glass, and other smooth devices. All FECA's stands are incredibly easy to use, check out our video on how to use our suction cup products.

This Fathers day you can save big on the tablet stands and get in time for Father's day. Green, Rose color, Black, and White, a few choices to choose from. Our tablet stands simply STICK, and stay that way! Built to last and provide comfort while viewing his phone or tablet. Head over to our Father's Day Gift Sales page today!


Fathers Day Gifts for Dad

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