FECA Suction Cup Locker Gadgets - Back To School Savings!

Getting ready to send you child back to school? 90% of kids going to school, whether in Jr High, or High School, have a small, crammed locker to go to. The lockers in today's schools keep on getting smaller and smaller, kids need a fun and better way to organize and store their property.  We have the best suction cup products on the market, perfect for extra storage or organizing the home, office, garage and more. Check out our BACK TO SCHOOL Sale!

Other Kids Will Wonder...

Kids that see FECA products in another kids locker will definitely want to know where and how to get these. Growing in popularity is the FECA suction cup mirror. Something that can be moved over and over depending on what is in the locker. The multi-purpose holder is invaluable in a student's locker, especially if they only have one or two shelves. Great way for storing the little items for the day.



Head over to the back to school sale for cool locker gadgets that you can throw in your students backpack as they head off to school for the first day. There isn't a kid out there, that has a locker, that wouldn't be happy to see a couple new suction cup hooks for their locker, or a suction cup mirror, or ever a few catch-all bins that all will stick to the wall of the locker.

No need to use the sticky-back sticker type material to hang your mirrors, or to shine a light in the locker. All FECA's back to school locker items are 100% strong suction cup devices. EASY to use for any student that needs a little more room to hold, hang, or store items in their lockers.

TEACHERS LOVE OUR PRODUCTS TOO! It's the perfect way for teachers to gain additional storage, organize the classroom, or add the convenience of our suction cup organizational products. When budgets are tight, FECA is a great solution for adding the extra "flair" to any classroom.


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