A Wire Rack Can Really Help Out the Organization Tasks

Wire RackYou can probably find a million uses for a wire rack in your home and, at FECA, we have a wide selection of them to fit any need. We've used our patented suction cup technology to enhance numerous everyday products and make them even better. Our suction cups can hold up to 26 pounds, making them the ideal way to attach useful items such as racks, hairdryer holders, toilet paper and paper towel holders and much more to non-porous surfaces in your home or office. That opens up loads of options for you and makes organizing your life a snap.

If you've ever looked at a corner and thought it would be a good place for a shelf, a wire rack from FECA is the solution you've wished for. Our stainless steel corner racks are as attractive as they are useful, adding additional storage options to a space that's normally useless. All of our racks aren't designed for corners, though. At FECA you'll find coat racks, towel racks, basic shelf-type racks, magazine racks and super-useful shower caddies for those bathroom spaces where an extra shelf or two would come in handy.

A Wire Rack Can Come In Handy in Just About Every Room

When you shop FECA to find the perfect wire rack, don't be surprised if you come away with much more than that. We specialize in providing organizing solutions to keep your home and office ship-shape. Whether you need a few extra shelves, would like some strategically placed suction cup hooks or could use an extra hand to hold your tablet or mobile device upright, FECA has those solutions and many more. Every one of them is quick and easy to install and, once they're in place, you can count on our products to stay put. FECA has the racks, shelves, catchall cups and more to organize your life and work with ease.

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