Some of the Coolest Tablet Stands You'll Ever Use

Not all tablet stands are created equal. Some work like easels, propping your device up so you can view it hands-free. Those types of stands don't offer much flexibility when it comes to adjusting the angle. It can be too much or not enough, with no happy medium. The tablet stands you'll find at FECA provide the flexibility you need -- literally. Our adjustable mobile device and tablet holder has a flexible neck piece that can bend any which-way, allowing you to twist and turn your tablet for a clear view from almost any angle.

Tablet Stands That Work - And Look Good To

At FECA, we've found endless uses for our brilliant patented suction cups. They've been designed to offer superior suction so you can count on them to stay put once they're in place. When designing our extensive line of office products, it wasn't difficult to dream up a way to use the technology with mobile devices. We knew right away that tablet stands would be ultra-useful accessories to add to our collection of multi-purpose hooks, magazine holders, catchall cups and tissue box holders. You don't need any special skills or tools to install any of our products, just a clean, non-porous surface to attach them to.

We didn't stop at the handy flexible tablet stands, though. At FECA you'll also find mobile device stands that swivel to provide the optimal viewing angle. Like the adjustable stands, the swivel versions can hold up to 2 pounds but, instead of bending, they tilt and can revolve an entire 360 degrees. Plus, though our stands can support some serious weight, they're compact and light weight themselves, so they're easy to take with you wherever you go. Don't fumble with inadequate device stands any longer. Let FECA tablet stands do the job of supporting your device and holding it just where you need it for the best view.

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