Suction Cup Corner Shelving Units - The Perfect Solution Posted on 28 Sep 00:00

Suction Cup Corner Shelving UnitsCorner shelving units make efficient use of typically dead space. Whether in the kitchen, bathroom, home office or even garage, placing a shelf in a corner provides extra storage space and helps de-clutter desks and countertops. At FECA, we're all about organization and simple solutions. Using our patented technology, we've created an extensive line of space-management products including corner shelving units, to help you arrange your life to suit your needs. Whether it's a single stylish hook, a magazine rack, a catchall cup or an array of different shelving solutions, you'll find them all at FECA!

The genius of our corner shelving units doesn't stop with our powerful suction cups. You can install several corner shelves almost anywhere in your home, from floor to ceiling if you want to, to create convenient, usable storage space. Plus, though our products are compact, they're super-strong and some can hold up to 26 pounds, so you can stack towels, office supplies and many other odds and ends on our shelves and trust that they'll stay put.

Corner Shelving Units For Various Uses in the Bathroom, Laundry Room and More

When we designed our suction cups, we made them to be waterproof and rust and thermal resistant. That means you don't have to worry about splashing water on them or the suction losing its power in hot temperatures, making our products useful for almost everywhere in your home. Organize one room or organize them all. FECA shelves, hooks, racks and catchalls will go anywhere you need them to. Additionally, they install in just a few easy steps, no tools or professional contractor required. Just press and snap and presto! You've just installed the handiest shelves you've ever had, all thanks to FECA.