iPad Table Mount for the Desk, Coffee Table, Glass and More

iPad Table MountYour tablet is invaluable, but wouldn't it be great to have an iPad table mount that is flexible and adjustable to make using it as convenient as possible? There are a lot of times when you would like to see the screen upright but need to use it hands-free. At FECA, we felt that our patented technology was the key to the solution. It's how we came up with our ingenious adjustable mobile device and tablet holder. Because it's flexible, it holds your device at the perfect angle, whether you're using it in the kitchen, the office or pretty much anywhere there is a surface you can attach it to.

iPad Table Mount - Easy to Use - Very Flexible!

The flexible iPad table mount is just one of the mobile stands you'll find at FECA. We also thought it would be handy to make a tablet stand that swivels to provide the optimal viewing angle. That's how we designed our second device stand, so that it can rotate 360 degrees. It's every bit as sturdy as our adjustable tablet holder, able to support up to 2 pounds to accommodate even larger devices. FECA has designed the swivel holders in black and white, but also in fun and funky colors, too, such as rose and green.

You'll love how easy it is to use your iPad table mount from FECA. Sporting a FECA patented suction cup at each end, just attach the top cup to the non-porous surface on the back of your device, then attach the bottom cup to a non-porous surface such as a countertop, Formica or glass-topped table or desk. The final step is to adjust the holder so your device is at the perfect angle for you to view it. Browse through our entire site to see all the useful ways FECA can help keep your home, office and life organized.

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