Kitchen Hooks That Work and Organize

Traditional uses of kitchen hooks make them handy enough for hanging potholders, dishcloths, utensils and the like. Don't limit your imagination, though. Hooks are multipurpose accessories that are useful by design. They can create space and help you organize pretty much everything in your kitchen or your entire house. Plus, modern technology has made it possible for you to install hooks just about anywhere you need them. FECA kitchen hooks, for instance, utilize FECA's patented super-strong suction cups to attach to any non-porous surface. Just stick a hook where you want it, and start organizing.

Kitchen Hooks

Kitchen Hooks that Will Stick - Great for Many Kitchen Uses

Kitchen hooks are great for organizing and storing your measuring cups and spoons. These vital kitchen tools are often difficult to fit into drawers because several are usually attached together for "convenience." Whether or not you choose to separate your measuring utensils by removing the rings, you can store them up and out of the way by installing hooks to hang them from. If you have several sets of cups and spoons, Good Housekeeping recommends hanging the same sizes together on one hook, such as putting all the 1/2 teaspoons on one hook, and all of the 1/4 cup measures on another. Install a small piece of wood painted with chalkboard paint over the row of hooks and use a chalkboard pen to write which measurements are hanging on each hook.

For those who never know where to store the ironing board, HomeDIT has come up with the genius idea of using kitchen hooks to hide it away. Just install two hooks 6 to 8 inches apart on a wall inside a closet or even behind a door. Then all you have to do is fold up the ironing board and slip the front foot over the two hooks. Whatever use you have for hooks, you will find the best solutions at FECA.


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