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Check out FECA suction cup products showcased in the next Better Homes and Garden magazine. They've featured a few of our popular products, especially for the ladies, especially for the bathroom and "primping" time. We have had many of our suction cup products featured on TV and in magazines. We offer an extremely robots line of the best suction cup products on the market, helping you save space and reduce the clutter.

One of the products featured by BHG is the hair dryer holder. If you have small bathroom counter space, or as many households in the morning... more than one person in the bathroom trying to get ready, you know space is valuable. The hair dryer holder will stick on just about anything, EASILY storing your hot hair dryer in an easy to get spot.

Powerful Suction Cup Hooks, Hair Dryer Holders and More

Not only do the hair dryer holder - tumbler cup holder stick incredibly well, but you can move it here and there, until you find the perfect spot. No nails, no screwing... just the strongest suction cup hook that works perfect. It will also double as a cup holder, or maybe a flat-iron holder, or another type of "hair" primping tool in the bathroom.

Our powerful suction cup hooks are also featured in the article. All of our hooks are made to stick, and that's what they do...stick. They are made to reduce clutter in home, bathroom, garage, office and more. Just about any room, in any home or office, can benefit by using FECA's suction cup products. Our products stick around for a long time.

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