10 Ways You Can Use a FECA Suction Cup Hook During the Holidays

FECA suction cup hooks are useful any day of the year, but they're especially useful during the holiday season. Using a patented suction cup with super-strong holding power that attaches securely to any non-porous surface, FECA suction cup hooks are available in an assortment of colors including traditional holiday hues such as green, red, and blue as well as sophisticated metallics like chrome, gold, and black nickel. They're the handy hooks that are tailor-made for the holidays.

 FECA Suction Cup Products

  1. Hang kids' Christmas artwork--Fasten the tops of your kids' holiday artwork to the clips of pants hangers and suspend them from FECA hooks.
  2. Power cord guides--use FECA hooks to organize and guide power cords from decorative lights and other electric decorations.
  3. Display Christmas cards--punch a hole in the top corner of Christmas cards and hang them on FECA hooks.
  4. Hang decorations/wreaths--place wreaths and other decorations where no holiday decor has gone before.
  5. Create a gift wrap station--for every roll of Christmas wrap, hang two FECA hooks about 3 1/2 feet apart. Slip a thin wooden dowel through the center of each roll of wrapping paper, then rest either end of the dowel on a hook. Install additional hooks to hang gift bags, scissors, and rolls of tape and ribbon.
  6. Hang Christmas lights--use FECA hooks to string lights in any room.
  7. Hang guests' coats--everyone could use extra space to hang coats during holiday parties.
  8. Christmas mugs--keep holiday-themed mugs on hand for serving cocoa, mulled cider and hot Wassail.
  9. Keep utensils handy--hang spatulas, spoons, and cookie dough scoops near your workstation instead of digging through drawers.
  10. Keep gifts at the ready--hang a bag of small pre-wrapped gifts on a FECA hook near the front door to always have a gift on hand for the mailman, the newsboy, etc.

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