Moveable Bathroom Wall Hooks

Wall hooks in the bathroom are a necessity. They help keep the small space organized and free from clutter. Installing hooks on bathroom walls give you a place to hang towels, bathrobes, appliances such as curling irons or hairdryers, and they are handy for hanging laundry sacks to collect linen and other items that need washing. If you are like most people, you rarely install something such as a wall hook in a permanent place. People often get the urge to move things around a room, so opting for moveable bathroom wall hooks is the logical choice.

Moveable Bathroom Wall Hooks

When you place a moveable wall hook in your bathroom, you always have the option of reinstalling it in a more convenient place on the same wall or even on an entirely different wall. It does not matter whether you need to move the hook because you are adding additional hooks or a towel bar or shelves, or if you simply want to rearrange things on the wall. You will want to be able to move wall hooks quickly, easily, and without leaving a gaping hole where the hook used to be.

So Easy To Organize with Moveable Bathroom Wall Hooks

The solution for moveable bathroom wall hooks is simple when you come to FECA. Not only do they offer an array of different styles and colors of wall hooks, but every one of them utilizes FECA's patented super suction cups. It is the suction cups that make FECA wall hooks moveable, and you will be impressed with their performance. Built strong to hold eight to 26 pounds, FECA suction cups grip non-porous surfaces to stay-put for the long haul. They're ideal in the bathroom because they are waterproof and resist rusting, and they can stand up to temperatures as high as 158° F. Arrange and rearrange the wall hooks in your bathroom to your heart's content with help from FECA.

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