Easy to Use Bathroom Shelf With Hooks

If there is one place in the home that could always use an extra shelf or two, it is the bathroom. Installing a shelf in that normally cluttered room provides vital storage space so the vanity counter does not have to be the catch-all spot for razors, bottles and cans, toothbrushes and toothpaste, or boxes and tubes of cosmetics. An additional shelf in the bathroom could also provide a handy place to stack extra towels and washcloths, items that always seem in short supply when you need them most.

Easy to Use Bathroom Shelf With Hooks

The problem with installing shelves in the bathroom is how difficult the project can be. You have to know where the studs are in the wall so that your shelves remain in place, and you need to be careful to place the nails perfectly so that your shelves are level--otherwise, your wall will be pock-marked with a smattering of holes from your unsuccessful attempts. The good news is that FECA has come up with easy to use bathroom shelves that install quickly and, if you don't get them level the first time, it is just as quick and easy to adjust them without pounding any holes.

Easy to Use Bathroom Shelf With Hooks - Perfect Solution for the Family

The secret is in FECA's patented suction cups. They stick to just about any non-porous surface with a strong grip that won't let go unless you move them, so they will hold your bathroom shelves securely in place. FECA suction cup hooks give you a convenient place to hang towels, personal care appliances, cosmetic bags, or even a bathrobe. FECA's super-strong suction cups are made to hold anywhere some of the strongest suction products on the market, ensuring that whatever you hang or store on a bathroom shelf with hooks will stay-put. FECA has the bathroom organization solutions you're looking for.

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