Suction Bathroom Accessories for Organizing Your Bathroom

You may not realize how useful suction bathroom accessories can be, until you take a look at what FECA has available. Bathrooms are notorious for not having enough storage space, but even well-built, spacious bathrooms can always use extra help in the organizing department. FECA has put their patented super-suction suction cups to work in the bathroom creating an impressive line of suction bathroom accessories that extend storage options and keep everything neat and organized. Install just one suction cup hook, and you will immediately want to give other bathroom items a try.

Suction Bathroom Accessories

One of the best things about FECA suction cups is that they are built to hold. Properly installed on any non-porous surface, suction bathroom accessories are sturdy enough to hold up to 26 pounds. That means bathrobes and towels pose no problems for multi-purpose hooks, towel bars, or coat racks. Likewise, traditional racks and corner racks are durable enough to hold bottles and tubes of shampoo, lotions, cosmetics and more. FECA even has some handy holders to house hairdryers or other appliances that are cumbersome and difficult to store. You'll find magazine racks, mini lights, soap holders and dispensers, storage caddies, and much, much more in the FECA bed and bath department.

What is really nice about suction bathroom accessories from FECA is that you can count on the suction for the long haul. FECA suction cups are resistant to rust and are 100 percent waterproof. That means that the usual bathroom humidity won't have your FECA accessories sliding or popping off the surfaces you've secured them to. They are thermal resistant, too, able to withstand up to 158 degrees Fahrenheit. It's good to know that your bathroom accessories won't fail when the temperature goes up in the bathroom. Get your bathroom organized for good with help from FECA.

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