Kitchen Hooks from FECA - Powerful Suction Cup Products

There are so many uses for a kitchen hook, they should just start coming standard with every kitchen. Until they do, you can count on FECA for durable, useful suction cup hooks that transform your kitchen from a disorganized mess to organized culinary haven. It is FECA's unique suction cup that makes these particular hooks so handy to have around the kitchen. The patented suction technology is designed to hold tight to any clean, non-porous surface, so you can be confident a FECA kitchen hook will stay in place once you install it. Plus, since the key is that the surface be non-porous, there should be plenty of tile, Formica, metal, and glass surfaces in any kitchen to put hooks wherever you need them.

Kitchen Hooks and Kitchen Suction Cup Organizational Products

When you install a kitchen hook, it should be sturdy enough to hold more than a single dishtowel or potholder. Those are practical and helpful ways to utilize hooks in the kitchen but, with hooks from FECA, you can use them to hold so much more. FECA's patented suction cups are super-strong, some of them built to hold up to 26 pounds. That is pretty hefty, and it means you can use hooks to hang utensils, pots and pans, or even sling a purse or backpack onto a hook to keep it off the counter or the floor and out of the way.

You won't be able to stop with just one kitchen suction cup hook from FECA. You'll soon be hanging everything possible from hooks and will be back for other accessories to help organize your kitchen. That's OK, because FECA has an entire line devoted to managing the kitchen including shelves and corner shelves, storage caddies, towel bars and rings, magazine racks, trash bag holders, spice jar organizers, and a whole lot more. The kitchen will become your favorite room in the house, thanks to storage and organization solutions from FECA.

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