Shower Corner Shelves - Perfect for the Bathroom and Shower

Showers have never been built to accommodate everything you need, but installing a few shower corner shelves puts all of your shower time necessities within reach. Maybe shower stall designers thought shower needs were minimal. Bar of soap, end of story. In the real world, however, people use numerous products and tools during the course of a shower, and having a shelf to set them on is far more convenient than lining everything up on the floor of the shower stall. Fortunately, FECA has the perfect solution to the shower storage dilemma with their line of suction cup racks and shelves.

Suction Cup Shower Corner Shelves

These handy shelves are held in place in the corner of your shower thanks to FECA's patented super-suction suction cups. They steadfastly grip to clean, non-porous surfaces, like the tile or polished stone walls of a shower stall, to provide you with a place to set your shampoo, conditioner, soap, shaving cream, razor, loofah, bath brush, and anything else you need for your daily grooming regimen. FECA's stainless steel corner rack or double tier corner shower caddy are the best shower corner shelves because water won't pool on them, so your mesh bath puff can dry and your bar of soap won't turn to mush.

When you're shopping for shower corner shelves, check out FECA's entire bathroom line. They have many inventive solutions to the bathroom storage and organization problem. With hooks for hanging bathrobes, towel bars, rings and racks for linens, toilet paper holders, storage caddies, and more, you will wonder how you ever got through the day without them. FECA even has hairdryer and brush holders, hand shower holders, and a nifty little toilet brush set that installs on the side of your tank to keep it up off the floor. FECA has everything you need for organizing your shower and your bathroom.

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