FECA Products for Moms, Part 1

Moms need to stay organized, and FECA suction cup products provide a quick and easy way for them to de-clutter at home and on the go. That is why FECA hooks, racks, and shelves are the ideal Mother's Day gift for any mom. The suction cup technology used to install them is so simple to operate, Mom will want several that she can put to use around the house and several more to take with her to work, the gym, or even on vacation. Between the number of different FECA products available and the versatility of all of them, the gift ideas are endless.

At home, FECA offers suction cup hooks for use in every room. Mom will be pleased with a collection of different hooks in a variety colors and finishes to use in the kitchen, the bathroom, her home office, and even the garage. They come in a range of bright colors or elegant metallic finishes and are strong enough to hold everything from towels, robes, belts, and scarves to cooking utensils, purses, shopping bags, and more. For bathroom organization, what mom wouldn't appreciate a hairdryer and brush holder or a beautiful chrome rack for storing cosmetics?

Moms love that FECA suction cup products are so dependable, too. Using patented technology, FECA's super suction cups are designed to stay put when you install them on clean, non-porous surfaces. That means when your mom puts up a hook, shelf, or any other item from FECA, she won't have to worry about it falling down, even if it's in the humid environment of the bathroom or in a hot kitchen. That's because they are waterproof as well as heat resistant. Plus, FECA products are also resistant to rust, so they'll always look as good as the first day they're installed, providing Mom with a gift that keeps on giving.  

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