FECA Products for Moms, Part 2

It's enough that FECA suction cup products can be used with such versatility in the home. That element alone makes them an ideal gift for Mother's Day. The collection of hooks, shelves, and racks will serve her well whether she uses them in the bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen. However, FECA isn't just for the home. The products' usefulness extends to other areas in Mom's life including travel, work, and the gym, making it a good idea to include a few extra FECA items when you're shopping for Mother's Day.

Mom will love it if you stock her gym bag or travel case with a few useful FECA products she can take along when she's on the go. There are never enough places to hang towels, jackets, and other clothing in health clubs and hotels, so a few extra FECA hooks in bright, bold colors will come in handy. A compact hairdryer holder is a thoughtful gift, too, that Mom can use when away from home so her vital appliance doesn't take up room on the bathroom or locker room counter. FECA suction cups are literally a snap to install and take down, so she can put a few up when she arrives, and easily take them with her when she leaves.

FECA items are lifesavers for working moms. Most offices and cubicles are difficult to keep uncluttered and organized but, with help from FECA, Mom's workspace will remain neatly ordered. Hooks are perfect for hanging clipboards, jackets, bags, and more. Shelves provide a convenient place to park pencil holders and other desk organizing tools, and magazine racks make useful "in" and "out" baskets that won't take up desk space.  

FECA suction cup products are strong, durable, and stay stuck until you remove them. Wherever Mom chooses to use her Mother's Day gifts, she can always count on FECA for superior performance.

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