A Few of FECA's Suction Cup Products - Something for Everyone

Extra Spice Jars to Organize Your Kitchen

In many people’s homes more often than not the messiest and most disorganized part of the kitchen is the spice cabinet. Many times it is hard to find what you are looking for because it is so disorganized, and you may forget you don’t have an ingredient you need because you assume it is in there already. Don’t let this happen to your spice cabinet especially when there is a simple solution. Add on Spice Jars by FECA are a perfect way to avoid this mess and frustration.

Add-On Spice Jars

These jars are perfect for your more popular spices so you do not have to go rummaging through your cabinet every time you need one of them. These jars allow you to hang your spices on a rack making them easily accessible. The jars are see through so you know which spice is which, and the tops stay on tight until you are ready to start using them.

Towel Bars - Move Them Anywhere You Want

Towel bars are often a bathroom essential that goes unnoticed and many people see it as unimportant. The right towel bar however can make a difference in how your bathroom looks. If you want to give your bathroom an elegant look and a quality product then the Chrome Signature Towel Bar by FECA is the way to go. We also make a Gold Colored Signature Towel Bar we'll highlight on our next post.

Signature Gold Colored Towel Bar

This towel bar will be sure to give your bathroom the extra sparkle it needs to help the whole thing come together. Many times a major problem that people run into with towel bars is that over time the bar is stained and sometimes even rusts because of all the water. This towel bar is made from stainless steel making it hard to stain and rust, even over time. The bar is a quality bar that can hold what you need it to, while also helping your bathroom to look even better.

The Easy to Move Hair Dryer Holders

Having a hair dryer has become a necessity in many households. People who use hair dryers typically do so on a daily basis. It can become a hassle to have to take it out of a drawer or have it laying out somewhere taking up too much space. The suction cup Hair Dryer Holder by FECA is the perfect solution. This holder helps remove the clutter of having to keep your dryer out, and the hassle of having to take it out every time you need to use it. We have a few different styles of hairdryer holders for you to choose from.

Suction Cup Hair Dryer Holders

This holder is stainless steel which means it won’t get water stains and is resistant to rust, which can be a problem for most hair dryer holders. This holder, while is made for hair dryers, can be used for other items as well such as soap, shampoo, and other items that would be more convenient in the holder. This holder is strong and able to make your daily routine a little more convenient.

Easy to Use On the Run Mobile Tablet and Phone Stands

Smartphones and tablets can be incredibly convenient. You can take everything with you, like your movies, shows, books, and music. Sometimes however using these devices can be difficult when you want to use them hand free. The Swivel Mobile Tablet Stand by FECA is the perfect solution to this problem. This stand allows for you to use your devices while you work on other tasks, not having to worry about carrying around your devices.

Swivel Tablet Holders

It can be frustrating when you want to use your devices and work on something else, but you continually have to keep going back to your device or hold onto it while you are working. This swivel stand is reliable and can securely hold your devices, without you having to worry if they will fall off. This swivel stand is steady and made from solid material. The stand takes the inconvenience of constantly having to hold onto, or set down your devices when you need to work on something else.


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