Back to School: Make Your School Life Colorful Posted on 21 Aug 00:00

Going back to school is bittersweet. It’s great to see friends again and get back into a routine, but it’s also hard to say goodbye to the warm weather, lazy summer days and carefree hours spent doing what you wanted. To make the transition back to school just a little bit easier, start thinking about how you want to decorate lockers.

Lockers are a special place for kids to express themselves and create a nice space that reflects their personality away from all the stresses of class. The best way to do this is to bring some useful subjects in pretty colors.

This is why the Color Pop line is so special and can revolutionize the way you decorate a locker.

Decorative Wall Hooks

These decorative wall hooks come in a wide variety of colors like black, blue, green, orange, yellow, pink, red and more and also come in a variety of sizes. They can be used for so many things from hanging jewelry, lunches, cameras, bags, notebooks and even more, the list can truly go on and on. These suction cups with hooks are so pretty but also incredibly useful, and the fact they use a suction cup means they’re totally safe to use on school property.

As with many things in school, you can’t make any permanent changes, so having the ability to put them up and take them down without affecting the locker itself is a huge benefit.

Suction Cup Mounts

Not only hooks come with suction cups, but you can also get suction cup mounts with little buckets as well in the Color Pop series. These little catchall holders are so useful for holding pens, pencils, erasers, paper clips, tape, hair ties and so many other things that students will find useful to have in their lockers.

At the end of the day, lockers are only so big so having a way to make them look cute while still organizing is the best of both worlds.

Make going back to school as fun as you can and bring your own personality into your locker decoration this year.