Back To School: Making Dorm Life Easier

Going back to school is an exciting time, especially if you’re going to college for the first time. Although it’s exciting, there are some things you’re going to need to get used to. For example, if you’re just starting out chances are you’re going to be in a dorm. While dorm living is an experience, usually a fun one, in itself, there are lots of ways you can make dorm life easier and less of a battle. When you’re sharing a space with tons of other people, it can be hard to get ready in the morning and get some space to yourself to do your business.

If this sounds like something you need help with, read on to find out how you can make dorm life simpler.

Hair Dryer And Straightener Holder

Having a hair dryer and straightener holder for your room is a must. Ultimately, you aren’t going to be doing your hair styling in the bathroom, you’re much better off in your own room, because of all the other people needing to use the bathroom. So having a pretty stainless steel hair dryer and straightener holder that you can place anywhere that’s convenient (like the wall or your closet door) will make things so much easier.

After all, dorms are small enough as they are, you can use all the space you can and you don’t want your hair dryer or straightener taking up extra space that could be used for valuable decorations or other things. This also works as a curling iron holder as well, if that’s what you use instead. At only $24, it’s an excellent investment.

Compact Hair Dryer and Brush Holder

Along with a hair dryer and straightener holder, you also have the option to get a hair dryer and brush holder as well. Costing just $12, this plastic hair dryer and brush holder is another great way to keep your hair styling items out of the way.

Suction Bathroom Accessories

All of these items use suction cups, making them easy to remove and put on the surfaces. But suction bathroom accessories are also really useful when you’re living in a dorm. From suction shower caddies to our $12 suction mirror, you’ll have everything you need. If you find your bathroom doesn’t have mirrors (this happens occasionally) you may find having a suction round mirror is just what you need.

Dorm living doesn’t need to be a drag. With some smart organization you’ll be having a great time and won’t be stressed about chaos. This is what you need to start off the year right.

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