Celebrate this holiday by being part of the Red, White and Blue of the American flag.

Memorial Day is coming up quickly and before you know it it’ll be the Fourth of July. Because these holidays are coming up quickly, it’s time to start thinking about what you want to do. How will you celebrate? Will you have people over? How will you get across your American theme? These are all great questions to start off your planning, but let’s talk about ways you can really transform your home into the red, white and blue of the American flag.

Sure you can buy streamers and little American flags and banners for your holiday parties and those are great starts, but the problem with these kinds of items is that once the holiday party is over, they’ll either get thrown away or not seen again until next year. This is a waste, especially if they’re just going in the trash, so instead try and incorporate the red, white and blue of the American flag into some of your every day items.


The Solution? Decorative Wall Hooks

These decorative wall hooks are such a great idea to bring some red, white and blue into your home but also they’re subtle enough to keep using once the holidays have passed.

These suction cup hooks come in a huge variety of colors so you can get red, white and blue, but also yellow, pink, orange and green. At only $8 per hook, they’re fantastic value and very useful.

These suction hooks are great because they can hold up to 8 pounds, making them perfect for holding jackets, clipboards, backpacks, purses, towels and more.

To get the most use out of the colors for your party, you can line up three decorative wall hooks in a row in red, white and blue. Then when the party is over, switch the colors so you’ve got red and blue, white by itself or get some other colors thrown in there as well.

Bringing the colors of the American flag into your home has never been so easy as it is with these suction cup hooks. They’re useful, pretty and the suction cup makes it so simple to attach to any surface and move around as you see fit.

Don’t spend your money on a bunch of decorations that will probably not withstand the test of time (both in quality and the fact you just won’t use them again) and instead opt for the color pop decorative wall hooks for an organized, fun Memorial Day American flag themed party.

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