Grandparents Day: No More Handyman

Grandparents are awesome and they do so much for us. However, as grandparents age, daily life tasks that should be simple can start to be a bit difficult for them. With Grandparents Day in September, it’s a great time to shower your grandparents with love but also gift them with some items that might just make life a little bit easier.

As you get older, showering gets more difficult. It’s not just the standing, which alone can take a toll on some, but it’s the fact that most showerheads just have one spraying direction and even if they can be adjusted they’re usually too high for a lot of people to reach. This is a struggle, especially for grandparents. So this Grandparents Day, consider buying some items for them that may make showering a pleasure again instead of a chore.

Suction Bathroom Accessories

From little mirrors, toothbrush holders, hairdryer holders and more, suction bathroom accessories are great ways to help your grandparents organize their bathroom but also might life a little bit easier for them.

Shower Suction Cups

These shower suction cups will make showering so much easier on your grandparents. These shower accessories come in a beautiful stainless steel and will allow them to adjust the spray wherever is useful for them. You can purchase the handheld shower holder in chrome and the adjustable hand shower holder for $53. Not only are these items great because they’re adjustable, but because they’re suction cups, it makes it so easy to adjust to the height of the person using it.

So if your grandparents are on the shorter side, simply attach the shower suction cups lower on the tiles in the shower and then they can easily reach the showerhead and adjust the spray to a suitable angle for them. The hand held shower holder can hold up to four pounds and the adjustable hand shower holder up to 13 pounds, both suitable weights for a showerhead.

Suction bathroom accessories are such a great way to customize your bathroom. You can attach shower caddies wherever is useful for you, have showerheads that are at the right height and angle, put up shelves and racks to save space and all have the flexibility to move them around as you see fit.

Suction bathroom accessories are such a great idea for grandparents and being so easy to attach they’ll no longer need a handyman! Now that’s the best gift a grandparent could ask for.

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