HoHoHo Hanging Up Christmas Stockings Posted on 15 Dec 00:00

Christmas is a wonderful holiday for both adults and kids. Full of joy, bright colors, gift giving and wonderful decorations and snacks. But one decoration that always seems to cause a headache are the Christmas stockings. They’re beautiful and they’re fun, but where on earth are they supposed to go? The tradition is to put Christmas stockings over the fireplace, hanging off the mantel, but many people don’t already have hooks there and do you really want to drill holes into it that will be seen for the rest of the year? Probably not.

The best solution to your Christmas stocking issue is to get decorative wall hooks. These beautiful self adhesive hooks use a powerful suction cup to stay in place and are easily removed once Christmas is over. With the ability to hold up to 13 pounds, you can still cram that stocking full of as much chocolate and small trinkets as you want without the fear it will come clattering down and wake everyone before Christmas morning.

These suction hooks are just under $20 and in such a lovely gold color they go perfectly with the Christmas season. Although the main colors of Christmas are red and green, gold is another classy color that goes perfectly with the holidays. If anything, these suction hooks will only add to the Christmas decorations around the house.

Because they use a suction mount, these decorative wall hooks are easily reusable, so once Christmas is over and you move them away from the fireplace or wherever you put your Christmas stockings, they can easily be used for other purposes around the house.

Suction cup hooks are such a great option because you don’t need to make any permanent altering to hang the Christmas stockings. Also there’s nothing worse than screwing in a bunch of hooks for your stockings only to discover that they’re not in a straight line. Luckily, with these suction hooks you won’t have that problem. You simply un-do it, put it where you want and no one is the wiser.

When Christmas is finished, use them by the door for bags or jackets, or use them in the kitchen for oven mitts, dishtowels, buckets of things and even more.

You’ve probably never had such a versatile Christmas item before, so it’s a great idea to start this year. Christmas stockings are a huge part of the holiday tradition, so make it as easy on yourself as possible.