Let's Talk About Storage for Your Students Locker

The students are almost ready to return to school. The fun part of the year starts, new friends are made, catching up from the summer with old friends, scheduling classes and checking out the new books... and setting up the locker for the year. Too many times the students get all their items (jackets, extra gym clothes, other gadgets, books, the list goes on...). Then we have the nick-nacks that they need to store. Small items that can get lost easy.

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That's where FECA comes in, storing the little items and gaining some organization in the locker. There has been nothing but positive feedback about FECA''s catchall holders and storage caddy bins. Kids that used these locker storage items last year are spreading the word to thier friends on how easy these are to use. It's a great way for any student to drop their change in, their cell phone, snacks or anything else that they need to quickly grab during a class break. These storage bins are catching on with students who need more space to store things in their lockers.

Better yet, these catch-all bins are placed in the locker using the strongest suction cup technology. They can move them here or there, depending on their locker size or setup. When the weather turns cold, and they have their bulky jacket in the locker, they can simply move the catch-call bin or storage caddy to another spot. Easy, quick, and very helpful for anyone that has to deal with a school locker.

SAVE NOW, the catch-all bin and storage caddys are on sale until August 28th, 2016... Shop our back to school sale for some really cool products for your child at school.

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