Mobile Tablet and Phone Holders - The Perfect Back to School Item to Have

Education is constantly becoming more technologically advanced. In today’s modern schools, almost all classrooms include some type of technology. Many teachers even find ways to use smartphones and tablets in class! There are vast amounts of educational apps and programs that require a tablet or smartphone to run. The problem is that it can be difficult for students to constantly have to look down at their tablet or phone and watch the teacher at the same time. This makes a mobile tablet or phone holder from FECA the perfect back to school item!


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FECA’s tablet and phone holders have a swivel arm that holds your device securely in place while allowing you to adjust the screen to the exact right angle for easy viewing. They are completely adjustable, and allow the user to read a tablet completely hands-free. The suction cup base works perfectly for the classroom. It can easily be attached to a desk or table without causing any damage or lasting effects. It can also be removed easily when the device is no longer needed, so it will not take up any desk space. Teachers love the transparency of seeing the students’ devices clearly used for educational purposes and not hidden under the desk being used as a distraction.

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There are still some schools that do not allow students to bring their phones or tablets to class. In these situations, FECA’s phone and tablet holders work great in a locker! Tablets and phones are expensive, and it can be worrisome to stuff them into the bottom of a locker or backpack. FECA’s suction cups work great on locker surfaces, allowing students to safely place their phone or tablet in their locker and not worry about them shuffling around and getting damaged. This makes the locker more organized as well! FECA’s phone and tablet holders come in a variety of colors so any student can find their favorite. Don’t let your student go back to school without a phone and tablet holder from FECA!


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