Savings On All Our Suction Cup Products This Labor Day Weekend

As the summer winds down, now is a good opportunity to make some minor enhancements to your home, whether you plan to entertain, invite guests to stay, or just desire a fresh look and feel around the house.

The kitchen is the perfect place to start in getting organized in your home

With the help of a few FECA products, you can enjoy a more intuitive kitchen, with well-placed hooks to hang everything from dishtowels to spices to silverware – right where you need them.

Planning a Labor Day party is exciting, but also requires you to prepare your home for guests. Starting in the kitchen, you can reorganize with FECA corner shelves in acrylic or steel, whichever you prefer, that will hold your spices. Many of us have a pile of bills, paperwork, and magazines in the kitchen, which can be placed in a FECA magazine holder to avoid the messy look of loose-leaf papers. If you haven’t realized it already, an organized and methodized kitchen can be achieved with just a few, inexpensive products. Organizing your home does not have to be a lengthy, expensive process. In fact, this Labor Day FECA is offering 10% off everything! With just a few well-placed suction cup hooks and shelves, your kitchen can be completely turned around and ready for guests this Labor Day!

Enjoy Labor Day Weekend

FECA has products that will enhance every room of your home

Our products are very useful in the the bathroom, bedrooms, office, kitchen, and even the room that most of us swear to be impossible to organize – the garage. The beauty of FECA products is that the suction allows you to place a hook anywhere in your home, without requiring a nail, glue, or tape. If you change your mind, simply take off the hook and no residue or hole is left on your wall. FECA hooks are available in chrome, which work perfectly in your bathroom, while bright, colorful hooks work well in your office and kids’ rooms.

If you would like to use your home for entertaining, it must first be organized and the key to an organized home starts with FECA. Take advantage of 10% off of everything FECA during the Labor Day Sale!


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