Secret Santa Christmas Gift Ideas Your Coworkers Will Love Posted on 01 Dec 00:00

Oh Christmas, it’s a wonderful time of year. The weather is chilly, you bundle up in warm clothes, there’s hot chocolate and merriment all around. Then comes the hammer - your office is doing Secret Santa this year. You sigh. Secret Santa is so hard because what are you supposed to get for your coworkers? Chances are you’ll get someone you don’t know that well and you don’t want to just throw money away on something they won’t like.

Secret Santa can be tough, especially if there’s a price limit on what you can buy, a policy many companies have. Luckily, we have some great ideas to save you from the Secret Santa slump. These are gifts everyone will love and everyone can use, either at home or even in the office.


Catchall Holders

These wall storage buckets are perfect for office storage or even at home. Coming in a wide variety of colors, you can pick one that is most suited to the person you picked for Secret Santa. It can hold up to four pounds and uses a heavy duty suction cup mount to ensure it won’t just fall off the wall when they’re using it.

These catchall holders can be used for keys, paper clips, pens and pencils, lotions, small plants and so much more. It even comes with a little drainage hole in the bottom should they choose to use it in the bathroom—to ensure nothing becomes moldy.

Magazine Holder/Rack

Another excellent wall storage gift idea, these simple magazine rack/holder is a great addition to any home. You could put it in the bathroom, in the kitchen to hold cookbooks or cooking magazines or just in the living room to hold the magazines that everyone seems to gather. The powerful suction cup mount ensures it won’t fall off when you cram it full of amazing content. It holds up to a shocking 17 pounds, so we don’t think there will be any issues. 

Coming in a clean white color, it seamlessly disappears and fits in with any house décor.

Catchall Holder With Removable Cup

Still don’t think either of these will work for your coworkers? Another great office storage option is a catchall holder with a removable cup. Perfect for paintbrushes, small plants, pens for a whiteboard or more, this makes access to frequented items so much easier.

Of all wall storage options, we think this one is the most versatile.

Regardless of who you pick for Secret Santa, we’re sure that one of these gifts will be a perfect option that will not only make your coworker happy, but really improve their life.