Thanksgiving A Little Gift to People Who You Care About Posted on 01 Nov 00:00


Thanksgiving is such a special time of year. You’re surrounded by friends and family and you take some much-needed time to reflect and be grateful for everything in your life. Even when things seem like they can’t get better, it’s good to just take a day and be thankful for all the things you do have. Even better, Thanksgiving starts the holiday season, which for many people is one of the best times of year. But this year, how about offering a little gift to those you care about on Thanksgiving as well as the gift-giving holidays?

It sounds like an odd suggestion, but when you’re celebrating family and friends, you want to show them you care, so giving them a small gift is a great way to do that. An excellent idea for this gift is to buy them suction cup hooks. The reason these suction cup hooks are such a great idea is because they serve so many purposes so it’s a nice thoughtful gift, but one that will actually serve them in daily use. These are the best kinds of gifts.

Costing only $20, these metal wall hooks look incredibly elegant. Made of stainless steel, it comes in black nickel, matte nickel, chrome, and gold for a piece of hardware with an expensive look and feel - a perfect addition to any home.

These suction cup mounts can hold up to 13 pounds and also have an adjustable angle so you can really customize them for whatever specific need you want them for. So what can you do with these metal wall hooks? The options are truly endless.

Hang Coats and Bags

It’s easy for front doors to become cluttered with purses, backpacks, briefcases and jackets, so a couple of these suction cup hooks are the perfect solution to clearing that area up. Because of the suction cup they’re easy to attach and remove and make organizing so much easier.

Hold An Apron

Do you know someone who cooks or bakes a lot? Chances are they wear an apron and this hook is a great way to store an apron in the kitchen without it getting wrinkled and easy access to put on and take off.

Kitchen Towels

Another use in the kitchen, these suction cup mounts are great to hold kitchen towels or oven mitts in the kitchen if there isn’t anywhere else to hang them. The best part is the suction cup means they can put them wherever is convenient for them.

Celebrating those we love is important, so giving them a small gift on a day of thanks to show how much they mean to you is a great idea. Offering them something they can use daily? That’s even better.