The Perfect Solution for Adding Bathroom Storage Space and Organization!

FECA Introduces Suction Cup Products Now Able to Mount Bathroom Fixtures on Tiles, Glasses, Finished Marble and Mirrors

June 23rd - Santa Anna, CA - FECA introduces products to improve the look and organize your bathroom. With the role out of the bathroom hooks and other bathroom organizational gadgets, FECA has all the rooms in a house covered; bathroom, kitchen, office, and garage. FECA’s suction cup products are growing in popularity for people wanting the extra space, or convenience of being able to move fixtures without having to drill any holes or use screws!

The new FECA suction cup hooks can be placed easily throughout the bathroom to hang towels, mirrors, and other supplies. A FECA basket hung with suction cup hooks keeps your hair products and styling tools off the counter where they add to a cluttered and messy look and feel. A suction cup towel bar can easily be hung on the door of your shower. Never sure how to properly store your tooth brush? A FECA cup attached to the mirror is easy and adjustable. The beauty of FECA hooks is that it allows you to change your mind. No holes in the wall - no nail marks left behind.

FECA hooks work in every room of your house, but the bathroom is the perfect place for a number of different reasons. The shower door has always been a hard place to add a towel hanger - a suction is the only thing that can work truthfully! The suction remains secure and is not impacted by steam from the shower. Bathrooms are often designed without storage space in mind. We use so many beauty products, hair accessories, styling tools, and mirrors to get ready in the morning but do not keep in mind how we are going to store all of these items when we construct the room.

FECA Products Allow You to Custom Organize Your Bathroom

Organizing your bathroom and beauty accessories with storage bins that make sense for you. There is no need to hire a professional. FECA hooks are fool proof and guaranteed to help you keep a more organized, clutter-free bathroom. Studies have shown that individuals who keep organized workspaces, offices, and homes also report less anxiety and more satisfaction in other areas of their lives. Through small lifestyle changes, you can enjoy a clutter-free life!

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