Trick or Treat A Trick to Store Your Treats Posted on 16 Oct 00:00

Halloween is a lot of fun for adults and kids alike. But if you have kids, chances are yours are going to come home with lots of candy that they’ll quickly want to eat as soon as they can. You’ll also probably find their idea of keeping their candy until it’s eaten is in a sack under the bed because no one can get to it under there, can they? This is not the wisest decision, not simply because who wants to eat candy from the floor, but also because you can’t monitor their intake.

However, with some simple kitchen storage ideas, you can easily store your kid’s Halloween candy, monitor how much they’re eating without taking up really any extra space at all.


Kitchen Shelving Ideas

The best way to do this is to purchase storage caddy bins. Costing only $24 for one, these wall storage items are the perfect solution to your kid’s Halloween candy. They can hold up to 22 pounds, so you certainly won’t have any issues.

Because they use suction cups, it’s really easy to attach to any surface in any room that you wish. In addition to that, the caddy itself can easily be removed from the suction cup.

If you really didn’t want your sneaky kid getting into the candy, you could always put it somewhere out of reach and simply remove the bin to give to them when you allow them to have a few pieces.

This easy wall storage idea is the perfect solution and once the Halloween candy is gone you can continue using it for other purposes too. Unlike those jack-o-lantern buckets that kids tend to gather Halloween candy again and don’t get seen again until the following year, this kitchen shelving idea will continue to serve a purpose all year round.

Other uses for your new wall storage? Once Halloween is over, you could use the caddy bin for cleaning products, items in the kitchen, laundry detergent in the laundry room, cleaning supplies storage under the cupboards and so many other things.

Coming in a white color, they easily fit into nearly all kinds of home décor so it won’t look massively out of place.

Don’t let your kid get over-hyped on Halloween candy this year and make life easier on yourself. And hey, it’s better for them too since the candy will last longer.