Suction Cup Products

FECA suction cup products are usually the perfect solution for many issues around the home, office, garage, bathroom... just about anywhere that could be a little more "organized". Our tablet holders are great for the office, on the road, in the kitchen. The hooks are great for just about any room, including school lockers where we here FECA suction cups and multi-purpose holders are a hit! Once you order one, you'll be back. The suction is second to no other product!

Our suction cup hooks are a great place to start, and you'll find two types of them in multiple colors and finishes at FECA. Our flat hooks come in chrome or white and are useful for hanging coats and bags among other items. Our medium multi-purpose hooks come in a rainbow of colors including red, orange, blue and yellow. They're a little lighter-weight than our flat hooks, but they're dependable for hanging clipboards, small bags and any item weighing 8 pounds or less that you need to get up and out of the way, but keep within convenient reach.


Bathroom Accessories and Organization

We provide a large selection of bars, shelves, racks and holders of all sorts to help organize your bathroom, in and out of the shower. Stack towels on a chrome or stainless steel bathroom shelf, store deodorant, body powder and extra rolls of toilet paper on bathroom corner shelves and keep the towels up off the floor with a bathroom towel rack. All you need is a non-porous surface to attach our patented suction cups to and you're in business.

Organizing Your Garage and Storage Shed

If the clutter in the garage makes you avoid it as much as possible, FECA has the suction cup solutions that will help turn your garage back into an orderly area. More than a place to park the car, many people use the garage as a workshop, for storage or both. Our  patented suction cup accessories give you options for storage and organization in your garage  that no other products can. Just place the suction hooks, holders, racks and caddies of your choice on any non-porous surface and let the clean-up begin.

Suction Cup Hooks

Suction hooks are our specialty at FECA. Though we have a wide range of products, the flagship piece of all our collections are our innovative and ingenious suction cup hooks. Created for saving space, facilitating organization and with a focus on holding and staying put, FECA hooks work using patented suction cups that possess superior suction. As long as you install them on non-porous surfaces, you can count on them to remain where you place them. Additionally, we've made the hooks in the FECA collection strong enough to hold up to 13 pounds each.

Need Help in the Kitchen?

Topping the list are FECA's multi-purpose hooks, ideal for draping a dishtowel or hanging pot holders to keep them out of the way yet still within reach. You'll find single kitchen hooks at FECA but, because they're so handy, we've also created bars with multiple hooks that can be added to so you'll never be at a loss when you need a hook. Our multi-purpose bars work wonderfully with our Add-On Spice Jars, too, allowing you to place a spice rack on any non-porous surface in your kitchen. Plus, you only buy as many spice jars as you need, so the size of your spice rack will never be too big or too small.

Organization In the Office

The tablet stands that we've created at FECA are the crown jewels of our office collection. Our adjustable iPad mount features a flexible "neck" piece for twisting and bending your notepad or tablet to just the right angle. We also have a swivel stand for iPad tablets. Just like the adjustable holder, these use the patented FECA suction cups to attach to any non-porous surface on one end and are also compatible with the non-porous case on the back of your iPad, but the swivel version tilts up or down and rotates 360 degrees to get that perfect adjustment for viewing.

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